Andrë Braz
Experience Designer, meaning:

Visual and Interaction designer with a keen eye for the human condition
and marketing problem-solving

True believer that a good experience is a judgement based on good emotions. That emotions are based on instrumental qualities of a design, such as usability and relevance, and on non-instrumental qualities, such as aesthetics, meaning and motivation.

Day Job

Creation of web products with solid Usability and relevance, a necessary step to be a good player in any market.


Search for excellence, being defined as the ability to understand the invisible underlying principles of a problem and the inner motivation of potential consumers, thinking out-of-the-box and finding that specific way of strategically putting up things together to create a dream-product or service people crave.


New Ideas
New Products
New Technologies
New Paradigms and Challenges


Steve Jobs, Don Norman, Philippe Stark

André Braz