Adobe Max Review - Convergence and Immersion

Just after my recent vacations in october I went to Adobe Max in San Francisco. It was my first time in a conference focused on tools and I wasn’t expecting anything other than that. It even had some talks about UX and the “future of the web”, but naturally none of them was as inspiring as UXWeek 08 or Web 2.0 Expo 2007 (2008 wasn’t as good as the previous one). The keynote with Shantanu Narayen, President and CEO at Adobe, and Kevin Lynch, CTO, was really nice though.

Several things got my attention, but the whole experience of the Keynote made me perceive something bigger:

Flash is getting more powerful in many ways. It’s getting even better for animations and hotsites with visual impact but those boundaries are obsolete. It’s never been that good for making web 2.0 sites and apps that run in the cloud or content driven portals, but Adobe is changing that. Adobe Flash Catalyst and Adobe Flex Builder are going to play a big role in this paradigm shift.

What’s the catch? The line separating those two worlds is getting really dimmer. Experiences will mix everything up, just like they are supposed to be. Social Networks, Apps, huge masses of content and information will be increasingly able to be presented along with 3D, video and any other looks, ressembling video-game menus. Interfaces will be more natural and immersive. The multi-disciplinary teams will keep growing. The intersections between all sort of skills, knowledges and fields will grow bigger and bigger. To design a really immersive experience will be far more complex and exciting!

Adobe Max gave some evidence of how fast things are going to change. Be prepared.  ;)

02 12.2008 • •
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