The new Macbook Pro is a step closer to a NUI (Natural User Interface)

I have just bought a new MacBook Pro - yes, self indulgence - and I feel obligated to post something about the new trackpad and it’s gestures. It’s indeed awesome. Not only because the finger runs more smoothly on the silky glass surface but mainly because every gesture is intuitive and natural.

I was in true awe when I first used the 4 fingers gestures. When you swipe up your 4 fingers is like you were pushing away the windows, and that’s exactly what it does. When you swipe down, is like bringing the windows closer to you, and that’s what it does in a sense that you’ll have them all in your hand.

This is elegant interface design.

PS: I’m still getting used to the looks of a black keyboard in the midst of the silver body. I know that it goes along with the new screen, but the fact is that black and silver is a bit “PC-ish”. Still, it’s the best looking black and silver notebook…

02 12.2008 • •
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